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Fly Fishing – Bicchi River

Until 1991, This region of Russia was strictly off-limits to foreigners. Starting in Spring 2016, Be one of the first adventurers to explore a region seen by few outsiders. Flights are 3 hours from Tokyo, and 4 hours from Seoul, South Korea to Khabarovsk International Airport. Greet your guides and load into a comfortable 4X4 SUV. The following day we arrive at Lake Udyl where you’ll transfer into jet boats. Head upstream casting large flies on heavy rods for Siberian taimen, the apex predator of Siberian rivers. fish average 25 – 35 pounds with some monsters reaching up to 75 pounds that will send your reel screaming. Large fly patterns including mice, pike streamers, and tube flies work especially well.

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Trip Specifics

What You’ll See In Nine Days

Encounter Amur Pike, Manchurian trout, and Arctic grayling as we move upstream on the Bichi River to pre-selected campsites with the best pools and taimen runs. Portable generators provide power for hot showers, and battery recharges. Each camp enjoy hearty meals prepared in the kitchen tent by our camp staff. In the event of an emergency, a satellite phone is available for helicopter evaluation to Khabarovsk. Trip Duration 9 Days total, 2 Days for overland Travel, 7 Days fishing and camping. We suggest that you pack a dependable 9wt & 10wt flyrods for taimen and 6wt & 7wt flyrods with both sinking and floating lines. Leaders should be fresh and rated at a minimum of 25 pounds.

Logging, over harvesting, and poaching have a tremendous impact on these fragile alpine streams. We encourage catch and release fishing and “Leave No Trace” Stewardship. We encourage our clients to donate to the Wild Salmon Center in lieu of gratuities.

Secret Siberia – Tigers, Taimen, and Taiga

The Bichi is a medium sized river reachable only by helicopter or jet-boat. TO minimize cost for this trip, we use a jet boat. Khabarovsk Krai shares its borders with Magadan Oblast in the north, North Korea, China, border this region to the South and the Pacific Ocean to the East.
Taiga and tundra in the north give way swampy forests and marshlands to the south.

This is the world’s final refuge for the Siberian Tiger, the worlds largest big cat. The Amur leopard also stalks the woodlands, along with wolves, bears, and wild boar.

Dolly varden, cherry salmon, chum, and pink salmon can be fished along the coastal reaches.

Two species of taimen are found in this region including the Siberian Taimen and the Sakhalin (Sea-Running) taimen in the southeastern corner of this region.

This region is composed of ancient forests, prairie lands, and the Sihote-Alin Mountain range.
The following animals are found in the Krai: Ussuri black bear (Ursus thibetanus), Amur tiger, Amur leopard, lynx, wild boar, Manchurian deer (Cervus elaphus xanthopygos), Siberian roe deer, musk deer, long-tailed goral (Naemorhedus caudatus), sika deer, sable, Blakiston’s fish owl, mandarin duck (Aix galericulata), black stork (Ciconia nigra), scaly goosander (Mergus squamatus), chestnut-cheeked starling (Sturnia philippensis), black griffon (Aegypius monachus), large-winged cuckoo (Cuculidae family), and others. Among 690 species of birds inhabiting the territory of the former USSR, 350 are found in Russia’s far east.


Our crew provides a furnished wilderness camp with a private tents, sleeping gear, camp-kitchen and cooking tent with tables and chairs, and lounging equipment. In the evening, we provide hot water, toiletry supplies, and a meal. We also have the option of the “Russian” shower (hot-water) heated by firewood.

Evenings are spent unwinding by the campfire with a beverage of your choice. Vodka and beer can be purchased before loading the rafts.

We provide a satellite phone for emergencies and require that all guests purchase evacuation insurance before arriving in Russia.

Tackle & Gear

Taimen and trout rods should be in the 6-10wt range with a weight-forward and intermediate to fast sinking fly lines for fishing taimen pools. Lenok or Manchurian trout rods should be sized 5-7wt with floating lines. A double handed rod is an advantage in the lower sections of the Bichi.
Spinning rods are always welcome and a great tool for fishing spots where it’s impossible for casting flies.

Our Guide provides all flies and terminal tackle. Rods, Reels, waders, boots, rods and reels are not included on this adventure. Polarized sunglasses are essential.

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Seasons & Rates

Bicchi River – Taimen Fly Fishing

2017 Flyfishing Season – May – Early July & Late August through September

The Summer months of July and August bring heavy rain but there is the chance to fish for cherry salmon, pink salmon, and chum salmon when the taimen fishing is not optimal.

All Trips include meals, accomodation, tackle, gear, and transfers to/from Khabarovsk International Airport. This is a fully serviced, fully outfitted trip. Email us for a complete list of what to bring for this trip.

Party Size – We can outfit a minimum of two anglers and a maximum of five Anglers per outing.

Rates –For specific information about dates and rates, Terms & Conditions please contact our guide. We request a 50% refundable deposit at the point of booking to confirm your dates. We offer competitive rates on all of our trips. For a comprehensive PDF pre-trip packet, please specify your request by email or clicking CONTACT US at the top of the page.

Wild Salmon Center – 2% Off All Sales on Our Trips Go Directly to Support Research and Conservation Efforts at the Khabarovsk Station.