How Are We Different?

Flex-Dates & Custom Trip Options

We differ from other outfitters by allowing you to choose a single or multi-destination flyfishing adventure in our countries of operation. Contact us for details about how to enjoy a multi-stop trip around Asia.

Competitive Rates

Because we operate as a single network of guides, not agents, we can occasionally offer rates lower than advertised elsewhere. All of our trips allow for a refundable deposit. We accept all major credit cards.

Conservation & Stewardship

We believe in the power or responsible sportsmanship and operating with minimal impact on the fishery. We only work with licensed and proven guides. We also support taimen conservation operations in Hokkaido, Japan and Khabarovsk, Russia.

Door to Door Travel Specialists

We are familiar that navigating a new country can be perplexing. We don’t only guide you at the riverside but offer 24/7 online and phone support during your trip. We can’t promise the largest trout you’ve ever caught, but we can deliver a rock solid itinerary

Far East Outfitters

Streamlined Travel Planning – Don’t like waiting around for an email? Neither do we. We are in daily contact with our guides and will provide a quick answer about dates and rates. Ask, and you shall receive a response within hours not days.

Solo Angler Program – Need another angler to finance your expedition to Mongolia or Russia? Ask us about our ‘Find A Fishing Buddy” Program in your email.

Customized & Multi Destination Itineraries
– No adventure is ever the same. We take the guesswork out of getting you to your destination from our network of seasoned fly fishing guides. Need to Add a couple of days to your trip or want to fish a multi-stop tour around Asia? We can do it…Just ask us where and when you want to go.

Conservation Dollars At Work – We contribute a percentage of overall sales to local and international wildlife conservation groups to safe guard Asia’s great fisheries for future generations. We also encourage our clients to participate in local fish tagging programs when available.

Expert Flyfishing Guides are not flown in as seasonal workers. All of our guides spend the year on or near their homewaters. From selecting optimal fly patterns to reading the tide at the river mouth, our guides are professionals in the fields and committed to delivering an unforgettable experience. We do not work with unlicensed or fly-by-night fishing guides.

Expectation Management – On all of our adventures, rest assured you’ll be prepared for the best case scenario. We’ve been there and caught and been there and lost. We’ve experienced some bumps along the way so you won’t have to. Send us an email about choosing the best season for your next flyfishing adventure.

Concierge Services – Need something dry cleaned? Require a chartered flight? No request is too great or too small. We are here to field your requests – just ask

Upfront & Competitive Rates Our objective is saving you time in organizing a rock solid itinerary. Contact us for comprehensive pricing on guide fees.

Matthew has lived in Korea since 2008 and been fly fishing since age 16. Matthew also contributed to the following publications

The Fly Fish Journal

Korea Herald

Waterlog Magazine – UK

Asia Sentinel

A Message From Our Founder

Hello everyone from Seoul, South Korea. First thanks for taking an interest in this website and our current fly fishing travel destinations in North East Asia.